Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow I have not blogged for a long time!

It has been a while, quite a while, since I have written! Since then I have paddled in Yellowstone, and in the San Juan Islands. I have finished the front half of the roof. A new school years is well underway.

As often happens with me in mid to late summer I loose some of my motivation to train, and this year was no different. But I am back riding again, have been for the last few weeks. My first cross race of the year was yesterday, and like most races, I do not measure my accomplishment so much in terms of how I place, if I did I would quit! So I was 7th out of 10. Not all that good of a place but I felt good and I am glad I was there. It always seems that I need some sort of event to keep my riding, or paddling, or whatever going.

Here is my heart rate data from the race.